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  Common surnames for Savka:

Savka Alejandra
Savka Alexsandra
Savka Anastasova
Savka Andic
Savka Arapovic
Savka Arenas
Savka Barota
Savka Borisova
Savka Branko
Savka Cholakova
Savka Dabcevic
Savka Dineva
Savka Drmac
Savka Drobnjak
Savka Gajic
Savka Gavric
Savka Glisic
Savka Hajdarevic
Savka Jotanovic
Savka Kalinova
Savka Karavla
Savka Kotur
Savka Kovacevic
Savka Krstic
Savka Ljubinkovic
Savka Lojanica
Savka Luiza
Savka Martinez
Savka Mileusnic
Savka Mississippi
Savka Mustur
Savka Nova
Savka Ortiz
Savka Osorio
Savka Palma
Savka Pavesic
Savka Petrova
Savka Pollak
Savka Radev
Savka Radeva
Savka Rajak
Savka Reidenvach
Savka Savova
Savka Simic
Savka Soldan
Savka Stojakovic
Savka Stojanoska
Savka Taurasi
Savka Tolimir
Savka Tolj
Savka Tubic
Savka Uto
Savka Uzelac
Savka Valeva
Savka Vlaisavljevic
Savka Vujovic
Savka Wisecup
Savka Zivkovic
Savka Zlateva
Savka Zoric
Savka Zrnic
Savka Zurina

Popularity score: 391000

Common misspellings and typos for this name: Sakva, Svaka, Sakva, Savk, Savka, Ssvks, Savka,
Savka, Savka, Savka, Savka, Savkaa, Savkae, Savkai, Savkao, Savka

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