Namesdir is a simple web tool to list most of the existing first names for a surname and vice versa.
The website was started in 2007 as a test platform for dynamic URLs and Apache mod_rewrite.
"Sometimes the simple things are the best things" and it turned out to have more than 1 billion names today.


Are there limitations?
For very common names(IE: Smith, Jack, etc) the output is limited to 1000 records.

What does the number after each name represents?
It is a counter to show how many times a specific name combination was found.

Where are all these names found?
They are collected by crawlers from public databases or websites.

What if I am concerned about privacy?
We do not store nor redistribute any private information such as email/phone/address/etc.

I need to contact someone listed here, can you help me?
No, see previous questions.

Do you have another questions?
You can email us: contact@namesdir.com

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